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Awesome game! What did you use to make that volumetric fog? Particle system? Image effect?... Really curious because it looks gorgeous :)


Hello! I don't know if you're the same person who asked on StackExchange, but I've answered there :D 

It's really a simple effect. 

Cheers. Glad you like.

Did an impressions video of the game. Liked it a lot! Very impressive.

Also, sorry for the audio of the video. I didn't realize the game's music was so loud.

This was great fun! I'd love to see a full game developed from this. Interesting world, and beautifully designed, bit of a different concept from normal puzzle/platform style games. All in all I'd play it again!

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I love it! The art style is beautiful! Please make it into a full game :D

Im usually not a fan of puzzle games but I really liked this one and the art style is great to :D

I'm glad you liked it! Try the updated version! :D

You updated it? Im going to try it out! :D