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"Mike, I advise you to not get close to that…"

"Why? Looks harmless to me… Woooooaaahhhh… It's pulling us in!! Hang on!! I'm… trying to.. not.. craaaaaash!!"

KABOOM Beep, Boop

"Mike? Mike!?? Can you hear me? I know I can definitely talk to you, I can sense you on my radar. Please wake up and find me!"

And so Mike journey's began! Its objective, try to find what the hell caused him to crash-land on this filthy planet, recover its ship and Core AI, so he can go home.

How to Play

Best played with Gamepad

  • ASDW / Arrow Keys / Joystick to Move
  • CTRL / Click / A to Shoot
  • Esc / B to Pause / Quit


A game made for Ludum Dare #38 in 72 hours. Theme: A Small World


Version 1.2.1:
- Fix camera rotation, so controls are easier to understand.
Version 1.2: 
- Fix keyboard input.
- Fix small misplaced tiles.


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Astromike-1-2-1-win.zip 34 MB
Astromike-1-2-1-osx.zip 39 MB

Development log


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I like this game a lot, great art style!

Awesome game! What did you use to make that volumetric fog? Particle system? Image effect?... Really curious because it looks gorgeous :)


Hello! I don't know if you're the same person who asked on StackExchange, but I've answered there :D 

It's really a simple effect. 

Cheers. Glad you like.

Did an impressions video of the game. Liked it a lot! Very impressive.

Also, sorry for the audio of the video. I didn't realize the game's music was so loud.

This was great fun! I'd love to see a full game developed from this. Interesting world, and beautifully designed, bit of a different concept from normal puzzle/platform style games. All in all I'd play it again!

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I love it! The art style is beautiful! Please make it into a full game :D

Im usually not a fan of puzzle games but I really liked this one and the art style is great to :D

I'm glad you liked it! Try the updated version! :D

You updated it? Im going to try it out! :D